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              View Photos of Our Recent Construction Work

              For 35 years, our contracting company has constructed and remodelled numerous commercial properties in the Yarmouth area. We offer commercial design services for the fishing industry. Get in touch with Delmar Construction Ltd for exceptional general contracting services at competitive prices. Take a look at our recent projects. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

              New Heights Arcadia Church

              In 2018, Delmar Construction Ltd completed an addition to the New Heights Church in Arcadia. We removed the existing back part of the church, and the new addition was built on slab with in floor heat. The space gives them a meeting room, classrooms and kitchen area.

              St. Bernard Firehall

              In 2018, Delmar Construction Ltd completed a renovation and an addition for the St Bernard Fire Department. We have built the hall area, kitchen, as well as training space and two large bays for the Fire Department.

              The Hope Center

              In 2017, Delmar Construction Ltd built the new Hope Center on Bond Street in Yarmouth. We have worked with the project coordinators to deliver a beautiful new space for them.

              Yarmouth Lighthouse

              In 2017, Delmar Construction Ltd completely restored the exterior of the building, new cedar shingles, windows and roofing. We have successfully restored the exterior of this iconic building to its pristine condition.

              Wedgeport Boats

              In 2017, Delmar Construction Ltd assembled this metal building as an addition to their existing boat shop. This addition, with its huge doors, makes for easy launching of the new boats.


              In 2016, Delmar Construction Ltd constructed a new 4200 sq. ft. trucking depot for Midland trucking Ltd.

              Veron D’eons

              Delmar Construction Ltd started construction on this Robertson Steel building in September 2015. The Building itself is 75’ X 120’ , 9000 sq. ft. with a 22’ clear span height inside.  This will become a warehouse facility for Vernon d'Eon Fishing Supplies Ltd. We have provided the owner with a warehouse that was designed to meet their growing needs.

              Troop Shelter

              In 2015 Delmar Construction built 2 troop shelters on Parade Street. These are used as training facilities for the Department of Defence.

              Tusket Auto Repair

              In 2015, Delmar Construction Ltd built a large steel building addition to the auto body repair shop in Tusket, nearly doubling the space they have for prep work.

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