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              Learn More About Delmar Construction Ltd

              Delmar Construction Ltd is a family-owned business established in the year 1983 by Delbert Bourque. He had previously been owner, operator of a construction business for 20 years. By 1988, Delmar Construction Ltd had grown considerably and had established bonding capability. Projects into the 90s were getting larger and larger, and soon multi-million dollar projects were quite a common phenomenon.


              Jeffrey Bourque is our third-generation family member who joined our company very recently. He currently works as a full-time estimator and project manager. Jeffrey is outdoorsy, hands-on and passionate about motorsports. We will keep you posted on our day-to-day happenings regularly.


              From the day of its inception until today, Delmar Construction Ltd has completed over a one hundred and fifty million dollars’ worth of construction projects in South Western Nova Scotia. Contact us for more details.


              Delmar also offers a full range of Engineering solutions as well  call 902-742-4672 or drop in to speak to Mark Bourque, P.Eng, or Nick Cottreau,EIT 

              Project Security

              Our construction company is bonded and we can provide bid bonds. If our bids are successful on our tendering, we can then provide a performance bond, and a labour and materials bond. In lieu of a bond, Delmar Construction Ltd is prepared to provide a certified check. Warranty bonds are also available. Hold back monies for up to one year can be held by the customer in order to back our warranty.

              Safety Program

              Our commitment to our safety program takes priority over all other activities. To maintain this program, we will continue to develop, implement and evaluate our health and safety policy and program regularly. We will make sure that all employees receive ongoing training on health and safety matters. Communication between management and staff is important to our company. Delmar Construction Ltd is dedicated to the safety of all workers and the prevention of all accidents. We will ensure the safest possible work environment.

              Click here to view safety policy.

              Here are some of the tasks that we regularly undertake:

              • Carpentry, rough and finish

              • Metal siding services

              • Erecting pre-engineered buildings

              • Installation of doors, jambs, hardware, misc. specialties, washroom accessories and more

              • Demolitions, concrete jack hammering, concrete saw cutting

              • Drywall services

              • T-bar ceiling work

              • Painting (small projects) jobs

              • Renovations and additions

              Our Team

              Mark Bourque

              Mark Bourque


              Mark is the owner/ manager of Delmar Construction Ltd, and has been with the company since 1987. Mark’s role as manager has him involved in every aspect of the business, including estimating, financial accounts and supervision.  Mark is also a Registered Civil Engineer, graduating from TUNS in 1987.

              Avery Amirault

              Avery Amirault

              Cost Estimator and Project Co-ordinator

              Avery has been with Delmar Construction Ltd since 1995 as the cost estimator and project coordinator. He is an invaluable part of our team, dealing directly with customers and suppliers. Avery has 30 years’ experience in estimating and purchasing.

              Gail Doucette

              Gail Doucette

              Office Manager/Bookkeeper

              Gail has been with Delmar Construction Ltd since 1989. She is the Office Manager/Bookkeeper.

              Corey Nuise

              Corey Muise

              Supervisor/ Foreman

              Corey Nuise started with Delmar Construction Ltd in October of 2000 as an apprentice carpenter. Corey moved to a Supervisor position in June of 2016. Corey has a great attention to detail and works well with the entire building team including the client as well as the sub-contractors and co-workers.

              Art Noah

              Art Noah

              Supervisor /Foreman

              Art has been with Delmar since 1987. He moved to foreman in 1999. He is experienced in commercial construction and renovations, including metal stud framing, drywall, T-Bar ceilings and specialty hardware.

              Dennis Saulnier

              Dennis Saulnier

              Supervisor/ Foreman

              Dennis is a Journeyman Carpenter who has been working in the construction industry since 1970, and in the supervisor’s role since 1976. Dennis joined Delmar Construction Ltd in 1998 as a supervisor/foreman. Dennis is very knowledgeable in commercial construction as well as metal buildings and residential construction. In residential construction, his attention to detail and the importance he attaches to meeting customers’ needs are outstanding.

              Heather Brittain

              Heather Brittain

              Delmar Safety Officer

              Heather joined our team in March 2010 as the Delmar Safety Officer as well as many other tasks. Heather completed her Construction Safety Supervisor, C.S.S training in Dec 2012. Currently, Heather handles the safety of ongoing projects.

              Franklyn Surette

              Franklyn Surette

              Supervisor / Foreman

              Franklyn started with Delmar Construction Ltd in April 2014 and became a foreman in June 2015.


              Franklyn started in carpentry in 89-90 when he graduated. He went on to become a journeyman carpenter. He has built numerous homes on his own, and has worked for other contractors in our area. Franklyn brings a wealth of experience and takes great care of all the details.

              Jeffery Bourque

              Jeffery Bourque

              Cost Estimator/Project Co-ordinator

              Jeffery started working for Delmar Construction Ltd in 2007 as a labourer/carpenters helper on his summer breaks from high school. After finishing high school, he took a 1-year auto mechanics course at NSCC Burridge. In September 2011, Jeffery attended the 2-year construction management technology course at the waterfront campus in Dartmouth. After graduating in the spring of 2013, he worked as an estimator for a company in Halifax. In December of 2013, he joined our team as project co-ordinator, project estimator.  Jeffery currently looks after some large projects for Delmar Construction Ltd, dealing directly with the customers and the sub trades involved in these projects. He works directly with homeowners to ensure they get the home of their dreams.

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